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Current Spot Prices
Gold$1,715.50 CAD

Silver$21.95 CAD

Platinum$1,327.93 CAD

Palladium$726.97 CAD

The Bullion Exchange is committed to providing our clients with a safe and secure method of purchasing, selling and storing bullion.

Special Announcements
2 NEW Series Just Launched By The Royal Canadian Mint

Silver "Predator" Bullion Coin Series and 99.999% Pure Gold "Call of the Wild"
Silver Cougar $4.25 USD over spot - Gold Grizzly $75 USD over spot,


Our Advantages
- SEGREGATED Vault storage
- NEW: IRA precious metals vaulted in Canada
- FREE shipping available over 500oz's of silver or 10oz's of gold
- For larger orders, please call for promotions and pricing discounts
- No added fees
- Local Clients
- International Clients

"Quicker, friendlier and easier than expected. A solid alternative to Kitco!"
G.B. - Victoria, BC