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About The Bullion Exchange

A leader in the precious metals industry...We offer physical delivery of gold and silver products in both the United States and Canada as well as world wide.

Don't Let Cyprus Happen to You

Depositors at the Bank of Cyprus lost 47.5 percent of their savings. So to preserve your wealth, get some of it outside the banking system into physical gold and silver. Victoria Bullion Exchange Ltd. specializes in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We offer delivery or secure and fully insured storage outside the banking system. We have access to gold and silver from trusted worldwide refineries and suppliers. And when you have an account with us you have immediate access to it for buying and selling your stored bullion. For information on owning physical precious metals in your portfolio, you can reach us at: 1-888-300-8809

The Bullion was founded and based on the principles of superior customer service, privacy, competitive pricing and quality bullion products built on trust and integrity. We adhere to the most strict guidelines for the integrity of the customer, company and most prominent, the industry.

At the Bullion Exchange, we are all committed and devoted to our clients. We are dedicated to earning the respect, trust and commitment from each and every one of our clients and we are working hard along side you. Our passion is to help individuals make educated and informed decisions regarding Precious Metals and help them reach their goals. Sadly, alot of bullion dealers expect you to already be an expert and here at The Bullion Exchange, we would like for you to have all the facts before you invest a single penny. Your job as a consumer and investor isn't to be an expert in the field, your job is to find an expert and a company that you can trust. We are a firm with an impeccable reputation and no outstanding complaints with the Better Business Bureau in all our years of doing business.

The Bullion Exchange is committed to providing our clients with a safe and secure method of purchasing, selling, storing and shipping bullion.

BUYING - Participation is simple. Fund your purchase. Place your order. Prices will be quoted all day, every day in the "product" section of this web page. A broker will be available to take your order 7 days a week.

SELLING - We believe the supply chain works in two directions. We provide an exit strategy for all of our customers as we will buy back all bullion products at current market rates. You can liquidate your bullion at any time and the Bullion Exchange removes the obstacles often associated with liquidating bullion products; insured transport, inspection, verification, and authentication. Call. Lock in price. Sell. Done.

STORING - Segregated Vault storage is available for all Bullion Exchange clients; Canadians, Americans and Europeans looking to protect their portfolio holdings in a private, state of the art secured building. Metals purchased and stored through the Bullion Exchange will be fully-insured , bagged, tagged and separated by specifically assigned serial numbers. Storage fees are billed annually...see "services" for pricing.

SHIPPING - When storing with us, you can request the delivery of your bullion at any time. Simply contact us, pay your shipping fees, as well as any outstanding storage fees, and take delivery. Delivery will be fully insured and signature required. Method will depend on product quantity and destination.

In order to deter money laundering and terrorist financing, Canada has signed international agreements. The Bullion Exchange is proud to comply with all regulations administered by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).

The Bullion is a leader in Estate Sales by providing a single point of contact for lawyers and executors settling an Estate that contains gold or silver that must be liquidated.

We also have a Satisfaction Guarantee for our clients...we stand behind our products.

We are confident that we can be a great asset to you and your investment portfolio, going above and beyond other firms’ serviceability to make sure your individual needs are met.

"Protecting your Wealth is our Future"

Chad Pretsell - Managing Director     Denice Bigelow - Sales Manager
Chad Pretsell - General Manager     Denice Bigelow - Sales Manager

"Quicker, friendlier and easier than expected. A solid alternative to Kitco!"
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