Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. In order to adhere to the best standard of business and ethics we are also members of the Better Business Bureau. (BBB) We are accredited as well as committed to the BBB as they are usually the first point of reference when our clients are performing their due diligence.

Since 2011, the BBB has received over 3463 calls regarding the Bullion Exchange. The bullion business is growing and because of our accreditation and rating, we remain at the top. Our company's flawless record with the Better Business Bureau testifies to the exceptional customer service and professional excellence, which sets us apart from the competition. The BBB will advise you to deal with a company that has a rating of a B or higher.


We are pleased to advise our rating is an A+. Click here to see our BBB rating.

What are my payment options?

Once you place your order, payment must be perfected within 24 hours. For your reference, our Invoice will have all our banking details necessary to make payment. Payment options are as follows:

Payment options we accept:

  • CDN, USD and EURO
  • Money Orders
  • Bank Drafts
  • Direct deposits
  • Email payment (orders under $2,000 USD or CDN).
  • Wire transfers and wire transfers through a fax phone agreement. (a wiring fee is applicable. $10 for our Canadian clients and $30 for all other counties).
  • certified cheques

For our U.S. and clients worldwide, the usual method of payment is a wire transfer which includes the $30 wiring fee. Most international wire transfers pass through at least one intermediary bank. Intermediary bank fees are levied by these intermediary banks and not by the sender or recipient bank. Our $30 wiring fee is to cover off the intermediary bank fees.

Payments we do NOT accept are:

  • Credit cards
  • Third party cheques
  • Paypal
  • Cash
  • Personal or business cheques
How is my order shipped and is it insured?

FREE shipping AND insurance applies for all orders over 500 oz's of silver or 10 oz's of gold.

All orders are shipped in a nondescript package via Canada Post, USPS, FedEx, UPS or other couriers.


When mailing valuable precious metals, discretion and protection are key. Your products are securely wrapped in protective packaging, then placed in the shipping parcel along with packing material to prevent the products from shifting during shipping. Our labels, return address, and packaging do not give any indication of the valuable contents of the package, so you can rest assured that your packages will arrive safe and sound.


Once your order has been shipped, we will forward your tracking numbers via e-mail.  When you place an order with the Bullion Exchange, you can track your order’s progress from the time of creation until your products are delivered to your doorstep. As soon as your order ships, typically within 10-15 business days of cleared payment, you will receive an email notification of shipment including your USPS or UPS tracking number.

All orders are fully insured under our blanket insurance policy until the tender of delivery. Packages are shipped discreetly and a signature is mandatory upon delivery for increased security.

IMPORTANT: Waiving your signature, changes in transit, including re directions or holds will void your insurance. This includes leaving your package with an office attendant, family member, building concierge or neighbor. Should any of the above circumstances occur, YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE VOID OF INSURANCE.

How do I hold physical bullion inside my RRSP?

The Victoria Bullion Exchange is pleased to announce we can now purchase Precious Metals through our RRSP’s and LIRA’s.  Questrade, the first brokerage in Canada is the vehicle which offers contributors to directly place gold and silver bullion in their RRSP's


As of 2005, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) now allows Canadian RRSP’s and other retirement vehicles to invest in pure investment-grade precious metals coins.  Other major Canadian banks only offer gold and silver certificates, which provide no real protection in case of a major recession or dollar collapse.  

Questrade offers the ability to hold physical gold and silver as part of an RRSP, TFSA and other retirement vehicles.  Questrade seems to be the best option for 2 reasons: 

1.    They have the best pricing

2.    They allow you to purchase your metals from The Royal Canadian Mint

See here for more information

Are there any additional fees or taxes if I buy from The Bullion Exchange?

No to taxes. All investment grade gold (.9999) and silver (.999) products are tax exempt.

Yes to one extra fee. This extra fee applies to all orders under 100 oz's of silver. The extra premiums range from $1.50 - $2.50 per oz. Please call for details.

FREE shipping and insurance included for orders of 500 oz's of silver or 10 oz's of gold. Check our products page for live pricing.

What are the fees for Segregated Vault storage?

Fees are based on the number of ounces of bullion in storage.  Current pricing is $165 CDN annually for each 1500 oz of silver or 40 oz of gold. Check out our "services" page for more information on storage.

The Bullion Exchange waives the following fees:

  • Inventory fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Exclusive use fees
  • Weighing fees
  • Stocktaking fees
  • Packaging fees
How do your prices compare to the Canadian Banks?

Buying from us will save you 10-20% depending on which bank you deal with. That simply means you can buy more product and oz's for the same value.

We are direct competitors with all banks including Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, TD Bank, CIBC for bullion, gold and silver specifically. Bullion is not their primary source of business, therefore higher premiums, extra fees and longer waits. Bullion IS our business, therefore lower premiums and customer service is a priority.

Why choose the Bullion Exchange?
Bullion Exchange Kitco Border Gold Corp Sprott Money
Segregated Vault Storage Yes Yes No Yes
Self Audits Permitted Yes No No Yes
Free Shipping & insurance over 500oz's Yes No No No
Accredited - Better Business Bureau Yes No No Yes

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