How To Purchase Precious Metals

Since the dawn of time, gold and silver have been recognized as valuable. And more so than ever, precious metals have their place in a savvy investor’s portfolio.  So far in 2016, there’s no doubt that the demand for metals is on the rise and investing in gold and other precious metals continues to attract a lot of attention.

Transparency and competitive pricing are most important to a precious metals investor. At the Bullion Exchange, when you buy or sell gold, silver, platinum or palladium our prices are always transparent and consistent. Our spot prices of precious metals are updated on our website every minute, meaning the price you see is the price you pay. The only charges might be for shipping and insurance, where applicable.

How does it work to place an order?

·  Call 1-888-300-8809 to place the order and lock in a price.

·  We will send you an invoice via your e-mail account.

·  Payment is due within 24 hours of placing your order.

·  The invoice contains all our banking information required to make the deposit, wire the funds, or an email transfer.

·  Your order will ship or placed in storage within the standard 10-15 business days.

Once we receive your payment and your payment method clears, we notify you payment has been perfected. Please see here for more information regarding acceptable forms of payment.


1.     Reporting:  We are not required, therefore do not report your order details to the government

2.     Privacy:  Our privacy policy at the Bullion Exchange is extremely important us. Any personal information that is received by us about you is kept in the strictest confidence.  The Bullion Exchange does not remit, sell, rent or lease any personal information regarding its customers to a third party.

3.     Compliance: At the Bullion Exchange, we adhere to the most strict guidelines for the integrity of the customer, company and most prominent, the industry. In order to deter money laundering and terrorist financing, Canada has signed international agreements. The Bullion Exchange is proud to comply with all regulations administered by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).

Unlike most other gold and silver dealers, we don't put on the pressure. We won't bait and switch or attempt to up-sell you to products such as “rare coins” at inflated prices. We want to help you buy the most gold and silver for every dollar you spend. We have a positive track record of doing that for thousands of satisfied customers.  If you have any questions, please call 1-888-300-8809.


How To Sell Your Precious Metals?

In both rising and falling markets, we are just as interested in buying back precious metals as we are in selling them.  

In our experience, one of the major concerns all investors have, regardless of the investment, is having the ability to turn a hard asset into currency whenever you need it. We will always provide you a place to sell your precious metals investments, therefore we can assure you of a liquid, two-way market.

Follow these simple steps to sell your precious metals to the Bullion Exchange.

  1. Call our toll free number 1-888-300-8809 to speak with a trader OR
  2. Email us at detailing bullion* and quantities* you are interested in selling.
  3. Once we receive your email, we will contact you with a purchase price for your metals.
  4. We will provide you with the shipping details and instructions once you commit to selling your bullion.
  5. Instant liquidity with no commission costs, however, there is a $25 fee to administrate this transaction.
  6. Each package should contain a written record of what is inside, the purchase order number, your name, address and daytime phone number.
  7. If you are interested in selling your bullion to to trade UP or trade DOWN, please call 1-888-300-8809 for details.

Bullion: Gold and Silver (Bars and Coins of Investment Grade Mint Quality)

Quantities: There are no limits in buying back product.

Segregated Vault Storage Available

Because it is a tangible asset, Gold and Silver bullion is a safe haven in this volatile economic environment, therefore playing an important role within your portfolio. For that reason, it is essential to keep your bullion safe and secure. We have noticed a substantial institutional demand over the past year for vault storage, therefore, the Bullion Exchange now offers segregated vault storage at discounted pricing. Safeguarding our customers’ assets is an essential building block of our business model. Although we encourage customers to take physical delivery of their order, we are aware this is not always possible.

The Bullion offers secure storage to all our Canadian and U.S. clients as well as our clients overseas as outlined below:

  1. Your bullion is fully insured.
  2. We offer the highest level of security technology available in the precious metals industry.
  3. Restricted access.
  4. Your bullion is double vaulted and is "segregated" vault storage as opposed to "allocated" storage.
  5. When you elect to take possession of your precious metals, regular shipping, insurance and admin fees apply.
  6. Self audits are permitted and available upon request.
  7. Third party audits are permitted and available upon request.
  8. Our facility is located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Annual storage fees are based on the amount of bullion ounces as noted below at a rate of $165 per year per storage unit.

SILVER: up to 1500 oz's per storage unit.

GOLD: up to 40oz's per storage unit.

The Bullion Exchange waives the following fees:

  • Inventory fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Exclusive use fees
  • Weighing fees
  • Stocktaking fees
  • Packaging fees
Bullion Backed Savings Account

The bullion backed savings account is NEW to the Bullion Exchange. This opportunity affords clients to access the bullion market who might not otherwise be able to.

How does it work?

This opportunity is only available for the purchase of 100oz bars.
Rather than purchasing physical silver, you have the option to purchase ounces.
The price per ounce is determined by the CURRENT market price of a 100oz bar.
Once you have purchased/accumulated 100oz's, we will ship you a 100oz bar.
For more information, please call 1-888-300-8809

Bullion Backed Cash Flow Opportunity

We have listened to the many requests and have created an opportunity for those looking to get up to 7% annual cash flow and still control 100% of their gold and silver.

Call or email for more details as this opportunity is available for only a small number of participants.

Subject to availability or a NEW offering.

Protect Your Capital And Secure Your Wealth With Bullion